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What is Sprite Cutter ?
Tool to help the process of cutting sprites (2D image for animating). Made in java. Help to cut several images with the same size and get all together in a new image ready to use as a sprite. It has tools to auto-cut and animation tester.

What is New in Sprite Cutter ?
I know, I know, after some years of development as a Hobbies this software is ready.
I am so happy to bring it to the world. I hope this software help you to make easier the horrible task of prepare the images for games. Now, you can get you images from google. You just need to google Sprite in the images tabs.

What will happen with Sprite Cutter ?
Ok, If some bug is reported, I will fixed it. Please email me any bug you get.
I would like to insert a lot of new features. But to be honest, I do not need it.
This software is perfect to me as it is NOW.
So, I hope this help to you as is help to me.

Carlos Andres Jimenez Ch (Koza) - SpriteCutter Manager
E-mail: cosaneitor@yahoo.es